Interpersonal Communication and Communication Satisfaction

A Study In Iranian Electrical Manufacturing Industry

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Communication satisfaction is one of the key factors that leads an organization to achieve its objectives. The relationship between communication and communication satisfaction has been well established. However, other dimensions of communication and contribution of each of these dimensions on predicting employees'' satisfaction at working place have not been studied. The present study has divided communication into a few dimensions and examined whether each dimension contributes to employees'' satisfaction.


Nader Sh. Kandelusi received his Master degree at Business Management from the Azad University in Ghaemshahr, Iran in 2004. He is awarded his Ph.D. from the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) at Organizational Behavior, Management in 2010. Anees Janee Ali is a lecturer in USM. Anahita Abdollahi is holding a Master Degree in Tourism development.